Upcoming 2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell Vehicle is Making Waves

Riverdale, GA, drivers looking for a trailblazing SUV with an innovative performance for Atlanta area ventures and elsewhere are sure to admire the attention-getting upcoming 2019 Hyundai NEXO and what it will offer. The SUV will have emissions of only water, and the hydrogen energy makes for a pioneering design. Hyundai continuously furthers the technology and creative constructions of the vehicles year after year, and this future SUV is one to keep your eye on for additional updates. What are some of the highlights about the lean performance that the vehicle will have? Here is a preview of what is to come with the fuel cell vehicle.

When it comes to power, the 2019 Hyundai NEXO will offer 135kW. And in regard to the motor, it will have 120kW and 291 Pound-feet of torque available. With numbers like these offered, you can expect a powerful drive comprised of impressive torque when driving in this upcoming SUV. The vehicle will also have an aerodynamic and smaller-statured design that will make for exciting and convenient trips in the SUV whether it is down narrow streets or open highways. And with a striking and sophisticated style, you are bound to turn heads when you pass by in your green and agile SUV.

Get Updates About the 2019 Hyundai NEXO at Southtowne Hyundai of Riverdale

Has this impending vehicle caught your attention, and you would like to get further details? There is still much more to get uncovered about the future 2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell Vehicle, and the team at Southtowne Hyundai of Riverdale would be glad to provide you with information along the way. Visit our Hyundai dealership near Stockbridge, GA, and Jonesboro, GA, for updates on the groundbreaking SUV or feel free to contact us to speak with a staff member over the phone.

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