Tires maintenance and is one of the least expensive auto services but crucial for your vehicle's safety and performance. Whether you're heading off-road or commuting to work, the condition of your tires can make all the difference in your stopping distances and handling. As a Hyundai dealer in Riverdale, GA, we can help you get the most out of your tires and select the perfect set for your lifestyle.

Find out why so many choose us for tire service near Atlanta.

The Importance of Tire Tread

The tread of your tire is the grooved surface around the circumference of your tires. Tread is essential for your car's traction, shedding water, and preventing blow-outs. As your tread recedes, stopping distances will increase as well as other risks. While tread wear is normal, you want it to recede gradually and evenly around each tire and across the entire set.

As the tread wears away, your stopping distances around Stockbridge, GA, will begin to increase. However, when you tire tread is less than 2/32 of an inch left, it's no longer safe or legal to drive. You can check your tires for yourself by inserting a penny head-down into the grooves of the tread. If you can't see the top of Lincoln's head, you still have enough tread.

Our service team serves Jonesboro, GA, by offering precise, speedy tire tread inspections for your assurance and convenience.

How to Buy New Tires

You will not only want tires that fit your car but also match your lifestyle. Check your owner's manual or the door jamb of the driver's side for the tire sizing that is right for your vehicle. From there, you can search for various options to match your driving needs. Our Hyundai tire finder will help you find high-quality tires for everything from sporty driving to taking on heavy rainfalls.

Schedule Tire Service

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