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here at Southtowne Hyundai, we know that our commitment and care for those in Riverdale along with the greater Atlanta area is only as good as our customer service. That's why whenever you interact with us, we encourage feedback of all kinds. Before shopping with us, you should read our reviews to see we stand by our high level of customer care, as real customers have given us their feedback and show that we score highly!

You can learn about others experiences with us and members of our team as they shopped for new Hyundai or used cars with us. You'll see that we help guide you every step of the way and can discuss your options, give you a hands-on feel and make sure that you're able to find the right financing, all to provide a smooth, stress-free buying process for those in Stockbridge and Jonesboro.

This will give you confidence coming to our dealership, and when we're done, we hope you'll leave a review for us as well. Our reviews come from many major review sites and a wide range of people, as we're always taking feedback seriously and do our best to make sure we do right by all our guests who come to see us. You can get started on a review, or browse through them and if you'd like to arrange a time to meet and learn more about vehicles here, get in touch with us today!